Rand's Craving (Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska, #5) - Kiera West I love this series. :sigh: Onto the next oneOut of all the Dillons, Rand is the one who I felt the least connection with, so I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this novella. I really didn't need to worry though because this one was just as good as the other ones were. While Rand is not my favorite Dillon, I loved his story. He is having perhaps the hardest time dealing with his feelings for Eve. He cares for her a lot, but knows his Alpha loves him, and isn't sure he can be himself around Eve because he likes to be more dominate then what he thinks is normal for someone who isn't an Alpha. In this book we get a little more BDSM, and I have to admit I liked it. What I liked most about the BDSM in these novels is that isn't anything too graphic, but it just adds to the heat level of the sex scenes.

By this time all the secondary characters and the extended Dillon family have become good book friends and I love their appearances! Most of all though, I love the changes that have occurred in Eve from book one. In that book she was shy and quiet, and not really sure of her place with in the Dillon family. In this book, she is no longer shy and quiet and I love it when she puts down her foot and doesn't let the guys get away with anything. I love how she let Rand know that he was just as important to her as the others were, and that when they were alone he could be himself with her, and not worry what the others thought. There were a lot of sweet scenes in this book. I just love how each Dillon worms his way into my heart! I am also really surprised at how much Eve grows on me in each book. She's independent, tough, smart, yet at the same time vulnerable. She knows the guys are hiding something major from her, and doesn't like it that they won't tell her what it is.. Full review later.