Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr Aislinn isn't like other teenagers. She can see fairys. Ever since she can remember her Grams has given her three rules to stick with when dealing with the fae:

1. Don't stare at the fae
2. Don't speak to them
3. Don't attract their attention

For most of her 16 years Aislinn has been able to follow those rules without any problems. Her friends might think she's a bit weird, but she can't tell them what she sees. Everything is going fine until the Fae start looking at her specifically and start following her. Then they start to talk to her-one in particular, Keenan. He's the King of the Summer Fae and needs to find his Queen in order to defeat the evil Winter Queen, who just happens to be his mother. Keenan comes crashing into Aislinn's life, making her break all the rules she has tried so hard to follow. The only person who she can confide in is her best friend, Seth.

Her friends tell her that Seth sees her as more then a friend, but Aislinn just doesn't buy it. Gradually though, she realizes that she has feelings for Seth and loves him more then anything. However, Aislinn has to make a decision soon between good and evil, mortality and immortality. Oh yes, there's also the fact that the Summer King, Kennan believes that Summer will end if she doesn't decide to become his Queen. What's a girl to do?

I really wanted to fall in love with this series, but honestly I think I'm just too old for it. If I were the age this book was meant for, I'd eat this series up in a heartbeat. It's like Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series, only for young adults. I had some problems with it-but this is just a book that is meant to be enjoyed and not picked apart. Teens today should be so thankful that JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer have opened up the paranormal world for YA literature. I wish I had been able to read books like this when I was a teen.