Sensation Play - Ann Mayburn
This novella packed a lot of sizzling heat in it. I loved that this revolved around the series 1 Night Stand, a series of novellas based on Madam Eve's, a dating service that is not your typical dating service. (the books are all stand alones) What I like most about this is that it allows for a much more believable story about how the main characters are able to hook up so fast with each other rather then the usual insta love.

One would think that in 44 pages it would be hard to like the characters, but such wasn't the case here. I loved Erica and Jonas, and how we got a glimpse into Erica's life with her older brothers who made me laugh with their over protectiveness. Erica and Jonas were great. There was lots of chemistry, and I have to say that the sex scenes were sizzling hot. I've read a few BDSM erotica books, and some of them are hard for me because I'm not really familiar with that lifestyle other then what I've read. However, Sensation Play was great because the BDSM scenes just worked and were graphic, but not too graphic if that makes sense. This is the second book I've read by Ann Mayburn, and it won't be the last. Find more of my reviews on A Buckeye Girl Reads