Treat Myself [Part Time Lovers 2]

Treat Myself [Part Time Lovers 2] - Josee Renard Book One is That's What Friends Are For introduces us to Mercy and Jules. They have been best friends since they were in high school. They've done everything together. He and Mercy have started their own internet dating site. It's not your typical dating site-it's for people who want a fling or a date for the night. Jules has been moping around the office, and Mercy is sick of it. She thinks it's effecting business and is determined to do something about it. She fixes him up with a women who placed an ad. This novella is super short, but lets just say the sex scenes were hot! I liked how we got to know these two through flashbacks, and both are super likable. This was a short read and I had it read in under 20 minutes.

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