Dare You To by Katie McGarry



Dare you to was a wonderful sequel to Pushing The Limits. It was powerful and emotional, and I ended up loving Beth and Ryan just as much as I did Echo and Noah.  While this is a second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone, but I don't think Beth's story would be as powerful without reading book one first.

 I have to begin this review by saying how much I adored Ryan. I loved how he met Beth on a dare when he was out with his friends-they were trying to see who could get the most phone numbers, and Ryan lost when Beth shot him down fast. Neither of them except to see each again after that incident-but then Beth gets into trouble and has to go live with her Uncle Scott Risk, a famous baseball player who has moved back to Ky, but lives  out in the middle of nowhere.

Beth is furious-she doesn't want to leave Louisville to go live with an Uncle who she believes has pretty much abandoned her for his career.  She's especially not happy when her Uncle arranges for his neighbor's son (who happens to be Ryan) to show her around school. Ryan can't believe Beth is the same girl he tried to ask out because she looks completely different & he's still all about winning the stupid dare from his friends...only the dare has turned into Ryan having to go on a date with her.

I know this all sounds like a typical young adult book, and a bit stupid, but it's not I promise you. Beth's home life in Louisville was pretty shitty and she took a lot of crap from her mom's boyfriend and she overcomes a lot of trust issues in this book. I loved watching her grow and that her Uncle was there every step of the way trying to make up for not being with her. He doesn't cave into her demands, and pretty much is a pain in her ass-which I liked a lot. (I kinda loved her Uncle Scott because he was such a normal guardian) 

Beth wasn't the only one with issues. On the outside Ryan seemed like he was Mr. Perfect and your typical popular Jock. However, his family life was a mess-his dad had secretly disowned his brother, and Ryan was fighting to do what he wanted vs what his dad (who was an overbearing jerk) wanted him to do with his life.  Watching Beth and Ryan come together was wonderful  and painful at the same time. I just wanted to shake some sense into both of them, because they both did some stupid stuff. 

While some of the trouble Beth had with her mom's boyfriend seemed pretty over the top to me, it was just nice to see a main character from a YA book not have a perfect life. She struggled a lot with leaving her old life behind, and I felt really bad for her friends Noah and Isaiah who all along just wanted to protect Beth from her situation. I can't wait to read Isiah's story in Crash Into You.

Katie McGarry is now one of my favorite YA authors to read, and I look forward to reading more by her.