Summer Shorts - Margaret Ethridge,  Bobbye Terry,  Suzanne Barrett,  Julie Anne Lindsey,  Grace Greene,  Krista Ames,  Amie Denman
I read these stories on a Saturday night after a really long week. I found myself looking forward to each short story as soon as I finished the one I was reading. It was the perfect way to end the weak and I had it read in one sitting. Here were a few of my favorite stories in this anthology:

Declarations of Dependence by Margaret Ethridge This opened the collection and set the tone perfectly for the rest of the stories. Ellie and Jack have been together for awhile, and she's finally brought him home to meet her loud & outspoken family. This was just a cute, light romantic story and I could totally relate to Ellie because I come from a big, loud family where you never know what will happen next. Jack was just delic and I can't wait to read more from this author.

Beach Towel by Grace Green This is another one that pulled at the heartstrings. Carrie is at the beach to get over a failed engagement-she literally ran out of her wedding leaving an angry and confused family behind. She just wants some peace and quiet, when Jay the best man at the wedding shows up she just wants him to leave her alone. Jay's persistent though, and it was just fun watching them find their way together.

Surfs Up by Krista Ames After reading this story I really wanted to move to the beach to see if I could find my own surfer. This was just a sweet story about not giving up and going after what you want. Kylee and Benji were just perfect.

Fireworks by Julie Anne Lindsey -*disclaimer* Julie did a Chatting with Buckeyes interview for me awhile back and I talk to her a lot on twitter-she always makes me laugh with her tweets and I got to meet her at Lori Fosters this May-and she is just as nice in person as she is online.*end disclaimer* Lacey is on a cruise by herself to celebrate her independence, but is having a hard time of it-until she meets Harrison. I loved the fact that he was from South Africa and how their date was on a pirate ship. I just sighed all the way through the story and can't wait to read more from Julie!

This was one of the best anthologies I've read in a long time, and I can't wait to read this in the dead of winter to remind me of summer.