The Royal Scam (The Martian Alliance, #1) - Gini Koch I owe Gini Koch a debt of gratitude. Before I read her Kitty Katt Series I really did like books with aliens in them all that much. Martini and gang changed all that, and I've been happily reading sci fi romance books ever since I read Touched By An Alien. When I heard that she had a new series coming out, I knew I had to read it. Now onto the review...

Gini Koch has done it again. She has created another series that I fell in love with with the Martian Chronicles. She has created a world filled with rich characters and non stop action. Make no mistake-this novella is very different then the Kitty Katt series, while the humor is there that it where the similarities of the two series end. This novella is much more geared to the science fiction fan-but there was just enough of a romance in it to make the romance reader in me happy.

For such a fast read, I was able to get a good grasp of all the characters and I really loved the crew of the Hummingbird. There were a few surprises that came along that I should've seen coming but didn't, and I just love it when that happens. I was afraid that this would be to sci fi in nature, but once again my fears were for nothing, because the world created is explained in a way which didn't leave me frustrated. The only problem I had with this novella was that I wanted more. I loved the captain of the ship and his relationship with a certain crew member. This was just a fun entertaining read that I had read in under an hour.

If you've been like me, afraid to give Science Fiction a try, then I highly recommend you give this book a try~you can't go wrong with a book by Gini Koch.