Jingle Ball - K.J. Reed
Sometimes you just need a read that is just fun. Well, fun and smokin' hot. This book is short-just four chapters, but it packs quite a sizzle in it. This is one book that will leave you wanting more. There isn't much action or a storyline outside of the bedroom, but I was fine with that.

Jingle Ball is told in first person, and that is a bit different for eroticas. I found myself wanting to hear from Dane and Ryders point of view, but I really liked Regina's voice and seeing everything from her perspective only. The menage scenes were just plain hot, and I liked how there scenes with Regina and Dane and then Regina and Ryder as well. The ending surprised me, and I really hope that we see more of these three in future books!

If you are looking for a fun and scorching hot read this holiday season then give Jingle Ball a try!