Crossing Lines (Heat Wave, #3) - Alannah Lynne This book is more of a 3.6-3.9 range...Out of all three books in this series, this one is my favorite. :) Each book has gotten a little bit hotter, and this one was sizzling! Kevin and Sam (Samantha) were just so stubborn, tough and vulnerable at the same time. I adored them. Sam is a single mom, and is working an inspector for the city. Kevin's family owns a construction company and the project they are working on needs the approval of the city inspector if they are to open on time. There's just one catch-they don't have enough water pressure and instead of caving into the good boys club, Sam tells Kevin that she isn't going to pass them unless they meet the code. Both are instantly attracted to each other-Kevin loves how Sam wasn't afraid to shut his ass down and stuck to her guns-even if it did threaten his project.

The two go on their way, but Sam feels bad about shutting down his operation because she used to be in construction herself and knows how costly something like that can be, so she works to see if she can find an alternate solution that would make both of them happy. She finds one, and much to her surprise meets up with Kevin much sooner then she expects to. He's the uncle of the little boy her daughter, is friends with at daycare and the two little ones had made plans to meet at the boardwalk over the weekend. They all end up spending the day together, and sparks fly between Sam and Kevin. I loved how nice Kevin was to her daughter, and oh I just wanted to give that man a hug. He's going through some serious issues, and spending time with Sam and her daughter made him realize that he needs to say no more often and take more care of himself. I normally don't like books with single moms (I'm a shallow reader) but this one is the exception to that rule. Sam's daughter was just so cute, and didn't detract from the romance at all. If anything, I loved how she showed a different side to both Kevin and Sam.

Crossing Lines is the hottest of the three books, and has just a touch of bdsm in it. I loved how there was a lot of hot sex in this book, but yet at the same time there was more romance in it and I loved that. I also liked how just when I thought the big "misunderstanding" was going to be predictable, there was a twist that I really enjoyed in it.

The Heat Wave Series by Alannah Lynne is a terrific series you don't want to miss. Each book works well as a stand alone, and is different in heat levels. I honestly can't wait to go through Alannah's backlist now. ;)