Never Have I Ever (Reynolds Pack, #1) - Alisha Rai When I saw this novella reviewed at Smexybooks I thought that Never Have I Ever by Alisha Rei sounded a bit different the most paranormal romances I've read, and I wanted to check it out. I'm so glad I did. I really liked the fact that the couple in this novella was a married one, and still struggling to get to know each other after only being married one year.

Ana Hudson thought that she knew everything about her husband and that her marriage was great. That was until she got a picture sent to anonymously through email that said otherwise. The picture showed her husband when he was younger doing things that well, never even crossed Ana's mind to do with him. She thought he was perfectly happy with their sex life, but after seeing that picture she isn't so sure. Ana plans a romantic getaway at a friend's cabin to she how husband just how wild and kinky she can be.

Ana's husband, Taylor is shocked by this side of Ana. He's not sure what has brought on this change in her. While he likes this new, wild side of his wife, he's afraid of losing all the control he's built up over the years to keep one very important secret hidden: he's a werewolf. Taylor just knows that if he tells Ana what he is, that he'll lose her-and he doesn't want that to happen. So as Ana works to make him lose control, Taylor fights to keep it all the while testing each other inside the bedroom and out. What I liked best about this novella was that that the couple was married and knew each other so well, yet at the same time were able to find new ways to test each other sexually without pushing the boundaries to far out of their comfort zone if that makes sense. There were a couple of really smokin' scenes that I loved, but I just wished we had seen more of the animal side of Taylor then what we got to. All in all though, this was a cute, light fun read-perfect for a winters night in. :)