Nocturnal Whispers - Caridad Piñeiro
When I learned that I Nocturnal Whispers hero was cursed by a mummy and the heroine was a museum curator I knew I had to read this book. The fact that it was erotica was icing on the cake. Nocturnal Whispers is one of those books that is great when you want some short, sweet and hot. I read this in under an hour.

I loved the fact that there was a storyline to go along with the erotica-so often that part of the book is forgotten in this genre. Lord Alec Wright was a bit of a hellion in his day, and on a lark he goes on an Egyptian expedition. Once there he steals a mummy to pay off some gambling debts. Little did he know that the mother of the child would curse him. His curse was to live as long as took to reunite mother and child. It's taken him over 200 years to track down the mummy (it keeps changing hands before he can secure it) and the only thing standing in his way is Kate Morton. Alec is determined to get the mummy at all costs-even if it means seducing Kate. When the two finally meet tension sizzles off the pages.

Kate is under the affect of the curse and it causes her to be attracted to Alec. He realizes this and I loved watching him struggle with trying to do the right thing and not give into his desire. He does the right thing, and I loved how Kate does the seducing. I loved seeing these two strong individuals get over their fears and come together. Kate was burned by her finance, causing her not to trust her heart. Alec is afraid that any woman he loves will be affected by the curse.The passion between them was sizzling! I found myself wanting to see more of these two when the book ended.

This is a novella, but it had all the elements I loved-hot hero, strong heroine, sizzling sex and a villain I liked to hate and wanted to see more of. This was just a fun, hot read and I really enjoyed it.

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