Shane's Need (Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska, #4) - Kiera West I just love how different all of the guys are from each other, and how they each love Eve in their own way. I really didn't think I could like a Dillon more then Ethan or Noah, but I was wrong. I adored Shane. He has some serious issues to work out, and I loved how Eve didn't let him get away with hiding them and encouraged him to open up to her. Out of all the guys Shane realized that Eve needed a little romance, and not just sex all the time and made sure that she got it.

I love how in this series it focuses on one of the Dillons and Eve, but at the same time we get to know all of them a little better and new characters are brought in and just add to the story. The Redfoots who are bear shifters totally won me over in this book. They love watching the Dillons fall hard for Eve and giving them a hard time about it. I would love for them to have their own series! I also love the Dillon extended family and how they are there for Eve and try to help her understand while the situation isn't exactly normal, it does happen at least once a generation. The mystery of who is hurting the wolves and out to get the Dillons continues to grow, and instead of getting old had a few twists I didn't see coming in this book. The villain is wonderfully evil., but I like how the mystery doesn't take away from the romance being told and just adds to it.