Convincing Ethan (Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska, #3) - Kiera West I read this in line while waiting to vote!! Gotta love living in a democracy. I think everyone in line was jealous that I had thought ahead and brought my kindle fire with me! I didn't think I would like any of the Dillons more then Noah, but Ethan proved me wrong. I loved how out of all of the guys, he is the one who understands the scientist in her the best. I loved how they spent time in the lab working together, and watching him fall for Eve and her struggle with loving more then one guy was sweet. The mystery also kicks it up a notch in this book. Ethan just won me over, and I was impressed with how Eve gets Ethan as much as he gets her.

The only problem I had with this book was that out of all of the ones in the series, it was the one that had the most editing mistakes. I normally don't catch mistakes, but there were a couple of times where Eve was obviously thinking about Ethan and instead of Ethan's name Noah's was used. It just threw me off a bit-especially because I didn't notice any editing flaws like this one in any of the other books.