The Alpha's Fall (Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska, #2) - Kiera West I loved watching Noah fall hard for Eve! This book revolves mostly around Eve and Noah again, although we see and know more of the Dillons, primary Ethan, in this one. Noah is struggling between his duty of Alpha and his feelings for Eve. He feels responsible for the person going after the wolves being able to harm them, and tries to put a distance between him and Eve. However, Eve won't have any of it. I loved it. Eve is still dealing with the situation of having feelings for the Dillons, and she lets Noah know that she isn't happy that he is creating distance between them. I loved how Eve feels more comfortable with the boys and shows more of her personality. She totally lets Noah have it and I loved it! The sex scenes were still super hot, but I loved the tension between Noah and Eve and the deepening mystery.

The pov switches every now and then to the villain, and normally that annoys the heck out of me because I feel like villains should be seen but not heard, lol. However in this series it totally works. I think it works because while we get the villains pov, the reader still doesn't know who they are and what their motives are behind everything.

This one ends with a major cliffhanger, and I was so glad I waited to read this series because I immediately went and bought number three.