Seducing Their Mate (Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska #1) - Kiera West This was a great introduction to the series. We get to meet all of the key players in the series, but the story itself focuses on Eve and Noah. Going into this book I had no idea if an M/F/M/M/M/M/M would work. But you know what it did? Each of the guys treat Eve with respect and work hard to bring her out of her shell. I loved watching Eve grow in this book. She can't believe that the guys all find her so hot, and is a little stunned by their attention. Eve is one of my favorite erotic/paranormal heroines. She has all of my favorite traits: she's tough, independent, witty and can hold her own against the guys. The sex scenes are smokin' hot, and I liked how she mainly spent time with Noah. It wasn't a Menage every single time. :)

I think what surprised me the most, was how much I enjoyed the beginning of the mystery of who was killing the wolves. I liked it because while the love scenes were hot-there was a little bdsm, there was something outside of the bedroom to keep my interest as well. This was just a great intro to the series.