Frostbite (Touch of Frost, #1) - Lynn Rush This is a gem of a book and I now have to read everything on Lynn Rush's back list while I wait for the other books in this series to come out. :)

Frostbite was such a refreshing read. At first glance, Amanda seems like a predictable ya heroine. She has one friend, her parents are dead, and discovers her powers have grown, is escaping bad guys and suddenly the most popular boy in school likes her. However, instead of an absentee guardian, she is looked after by her older brother, who is always present in the story line looking after her and trying to protect her from the bad guys. She might only have one friend, Georgia, but she is also always present and doesn't disappear once trouble starts happening and the cute guy admits his feelings from her. Zach, the popular guy isn't so typical either. He's shocked when Amanda blows him off at first, but doesn't give up trying to win her over. He takes a few hits, and the poor guy doesn't always get to rescue Amanda because she's always getting herself out of trouble first.

What I liked most was that while Amanda knew what her powers were, they kept changing & I enjoyed seeing what cool thing she would do next & was cheering her on in her fight to discover why she was the way she was. There were a few predictable plot devices, but all and all I just adored this book. Zach was my favorite character, and I loved that Amanda wasn't won over so quickly by his charm. This was a fast read with enjoyable characters, and I can't wait to see what trouble Amanda and Georgia get into next!