Damon (The Protectors, #1) - Teresa Gabelman Damon was like a breath of fresh air in the vampire romance genre. I loved that Damon was what you expected a vampire to be like-tough, totally alpha, and out to protect Nicole. However, while Nicole might be tough as nails, I love that she's human and that she uses common sense to get done what needs to be done instead of a katana sword. :)

Nicole is a social worker, and in her world vampires have come out of hiding, and ever since there has been a problem with Crimson-vampire blood, being loose on the streets. Some unscrupulous humans attempt to adopt vampire children in order to get their blood to sell it to people who want it. It's up to Nicole and her group of social workers to make sure that the humans who are adopting the vampire children are on the up and up. Nicole's boss wants his crew to be trained in case things get dicey, and to do that they call in members of the vampire warriors to train them. I loved how the vampires interacted with Nicole's group, and vice versa.

Nicole is immediately drawn to Damon, but fights her feelings for him~and while this normally annoys me, it just worked. The only fault I had with Nicole was that while we learn why she's so tough, it almost came to late for me to fully connect to her. However, I did connect with both her and Damon and loved seeing the sparks fly between them, especially when Nicole kept defying Damon's orders. The secondary characters were equally, if not more lovable then the main couple and I hope we see more of the vampire warriors in future books.