The Dead Travel Fast - Deanna Raybourn Theodora Lestrange's grandfather has just passed away, and she is on the verge of becoming a spinster at the age of 23. Her entire inheritance is three gowns. She knows she is a burden to her sisters family, and is looking for a way out. When a letter from an old school friend, Cosmina arrives asking Theodora to visit her in Romania, she jumps at the chance. She leaves Edinburgh and a disappointed suitor-Charles, behind. Romania is filled with legends of Vampires and werewolves, and Theodora knows that she will be able to write her next book that will allow her to be an independent women. She arrives at a beautiful castle in the Carpathian Mountains that is falling apart, and Cosmina's family is a bit eccentric. There is the sick dowager duchess, the mysterious steward and his mother who takes an instant dislike to Theodora, and the enigmatic Count Andrei Dragulescu. Theodora is instantly drawn to the Count, and into the world at castle. She must find out for herself if the legends she hears about are true or not to discover if the mysteries that are occurring at the castle are the works of the supernatural or not.

When it comes to reading I have a weakness for six things-Highlanders, buried treasure, pirates, ancient Greece, the Carpathian Mountains and Atlantis. So when I saw the story took place in the Carpathians, I was immediately hooked. This book was a lot like chocolate-rich, sinful and a wonderful guilty pleasure. I'm not even sure where to begin my review.I'll start with the Count and Theodora.I could totally feel the tension between them, and I just wanted more! They are both drawn to each other, but are trying to resist the pull that is there.I enjoyed their banter, and liked how they were fighting their feelings while being pulled closer together at the same time. Theodora isn't a wimpy heroine, and I enjoyed how strong she was and how she wasn't afraid to take chances. The cast of side characters were great, and the mystery had me guessing until the end.

I had no idea that this author had a series of books out, and so I went into the book with no expectations. I'm glad that I hadn't read the other series before this, because fans of the Lady Julia Grey Series, seemed a bit upset that this wasn't a.) another book in the series and b.) That Theodora and the romance wasn't exactly like the one in the previous books. I am so glad this book caught my eye at the library, because now I want to read the other books by this author. If you like gothic romances, you'll love Deanna Rayburn.