Rumor Has It: In a town this small, a secret is hard to keep - Jill Mansell

This book was a Nutella kind of good. What you ask, is a Nutella kind of good? A Nutella kind of good is something that is rich, delicious, and all around filled with goodness that makes you sigh when you're finished with it, but when you're done you just want more of the goodness...that's how I felt when I finished Rumor Has It by Jill Mansell.

Tilly Cole has just been dumped by her boyfriend. The loser didn't even tell her face to face-he just left a letter for her to find when she got home from work one day. Needing a shoulder to cry on, she goes to visit her best friend Erin, who lives in Roxborough, a small town in the English countryside. Once there Tilly finds that she not only enjoys seeing more of Erin, but the locals and way of life in a small town. On a whim she answers a classified ad that calls for a "girl friday" and moves from London to Roxborough. The girl friday job turns out to be a job where she does anything from walking her boss Max's dog, Betty for a walk, from helping him with his interior design business. As she helps her boss out she meets one of his best friends-Jack Lucas, who everyone tells her to stay away from because he's broken more hearts then anyone can count. One of my favorite lines from people warning Tilly away from Jack:

From pg. 60:

Erin to Tilly: Jack? You mean Jack Lucas? She looked horror-struck. "Oh no, don't even think about going there.That's one man you definitely wouldn't want to get serious about." "Why does everyone keep saying that?' 'It's like when you were little and your mum warned you that if you went any deeper into the pond, water was going to slosh into your Lets face it, she was never had been able to resist getting her feet wet.

Tilly isn't sure she believes all those rumors about Jack, because the more time she spends with him, the more he just doesn't seem like the guy whom everyone is gossiping about. The lives of those around Tilly-her boss Max, his family, Erin and her boyfriend, Jack and his past, are all seamlessly interwoven into Tilly's story and the transition from each character has you feeling like you've known everyone forever.

Normally in book that has so many different story lines going on, some one gets lost in the shuffle, but each characters voice is heard, and no one gets left behind. Tilly was such a fun heroine. She had me laughing, saying "you go girl" to her, while at the same time shaking my head at her-I thought that she was a bit hard on Jack, but I loved the sparring that the two of them did. As for heroes, Jack is totally crush-worthy. I was totally sighing over him. This book has heart, depth, wit and cool British slang.