Tall, Dark and Wolfish - Lydia Dare loved the first book in this series, A Certain Wolfish Charm so much that I rushed out and bought this one as soon as it came out. However, it lingered on the nightstand of death for quite some time before I actually picked it up to read it. Once I did pick it up though, I struggled to get through it, and I'm not sure why because the premise and the characters where great.

Lord Benjamin Westfield has a major problem. He's a Lycan who can't change into a wolf during a full moon. He's not sure why he can't and is determined to fix this problem. Through the London Lycan grapevine he hears of a healer in Scotland who might be able to help him. Only once he gets to Scotland, he discovers that she has died, and her daughter is now a healer. Now he has to convince her daughter, Elspeth to heal him and all she has to do is convince Lord Benjamin that she loves him.Oh, did I mention that Elspeth just happens to be a witch and that her coven isn't too thrilled with their romance and will do anything to break it up?

There was a time when I loved a good historical romance set in Scotland with good Scottish accents. However, the accents in this book made it really difficult for me to enjoy the story at hand. They were accurate, and held steady throughout the book. I don't know why the accents bothered me so much, but they just did. I also had a really hard time liking the heroine-Elspeth. As far as historical romance heroines go, she was great-strong, independent and feisty. I can't pin point why my dislike of here was there, it just was. It's strange because I liked all the other characters in the book except for her. I fear that I'm dangerously close to breaking up with historical romances, but will hang in there long enough to read the next book in this series.