Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning This book was filled with so much hotness that you can still see the smoke coming off of my book from where it burned my fingers. Backstage Pass was an outstanding debut novel by Olivia Cunning. I had it read in one afternoon, and can tell that this series will all be keepers and must reads!

Brian Sinclair or as he is known to his fans Master Sinclair is lead guitarist for the hard rock band The Sinners. Myrna Evans is a Human Sexuality Professor and can't believe her luck when she sees one of her favorite bands, the Sinners in the hotel that she's staying at for a conference. She has a fangirl moment and decides to throw caution into the wind and introduce herself to them. The guys in the band are all drunk, but are really intrigued by Myrna's job, and can't believe that a college professor really knows their music.

Myrna is tired of being practical, and just once in her life wants to do something fun and wild, so when Brian needs help getting to his room, she volunteers to take him there. She stays to make sure he is ok, and the two find that their attraction can not be denied, and there are some delicious bathroom scenes that happen between them.

Suddenly Brian's writing music like never before, and Myrna's feeling happy for the first time in a long time-she's tired of being scared of her ex husband finding her and harassing her like he's done in the past, so this is a new feeling for her. Brian wants her to go on tour with them, but Myrna's a little scared making such a big move. Then she realizes that she can use the bands groupies to do research for her job at the college-she'll study why groupies feel like they have real feelings for band members they don't even know.

When Myrna goes on tour with the band, I felt like I was living on the road with her and the band. The boys in the band had me laughing out loud at their smirky comments. Even though the guys had the best one liners, each one made me want to hug them and tell them it'll be ok-because even though they were tough guys on the outside, on the inside each one had a sensitive side. Each band member was brought into the main story without taking anything away from the actual story being told. It felt like we really got to know everyone in the band, as well as Brian and Myrna. I always find it annoying in series when new characters are introduced at the expense of the story being told.

I did have teeny tiny little problem with the story: Myrna. I don't know why, but I had a really hard time relating to her at first, and I struggled with the story for a little bit until I finally clicked with her. That small problem was more then made up for with a scene with hash browns and ketchup. Lets just say I'll never think of them the same way again. This book has something for everyone, and the sex scenes are scorching hot. They will make you want your very own rock star.

Favorite Quote:
He held out the chocolate syrup to her, his head cocked to one side. "I don't think the milk in the fridge is drinkable. " I wasn't planning on using it to make chocolate milk."