Alien Tango - Gini Koch I have a new favorite author, and her name is Gini Koch. Her books will have you laughing out loud, grinning from ear to ear and chuckling your way through them. Martini will have you drooling and Kitty will have you cheering. Martini and Kitty are the best hero/heroine combo to come around in a very long time. They have spunk, charisma, and a sizzle that will leave you wanting more. Martini is one of the few nice guy heroes that I adore, and he's in the running for the book boyfriend of the year award. I even named a meter after him I love him so much! Kitty is one of my favorite heroines because she saves the day and has the funniest Kittyism's...I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a book. In fact, I was laughing so hard while at my parents that my mom was like: "What are you reading?" and I swear that the dog was even giving me weird looks. It was worth it though!

Alien Tango is full of non stop action. It takes place six months after Touched By an Alien ends, and it seems like Kitty can't stay out of trouble for long. The refreshing thing about this series is that while trouble finds Kitty and Jeff (Martini) again, it's totally different then the trouble that found them in Touched. This time around it's crazy in laws, some crazy chasing alligators, a stalker crazy girl and an ex who thinks he's still in love with Kitty. Oh yes, she also saves an all power entity, helps the women of A C battle the tradition of arranged marriages, finds trouble at her high school reunion and battles the alien hating group Club 51 who'd be more then happy to see all the aliens disappear.

While some of my favorite characters from the first book-Christopher, (will he ever get a girlfriend?) Reader and Gower return, some new characters are added to the mix that I loved equally as much as my old favorites: Kevin, Ace, and Martini's dad. There were also some great villains added in the mix. I really liked the fact that while I was laughing my way through the book, Kitty and Martini had some real issues to deal with like religion, old traditions and dating someone who isn't from your race or in this case, planet. The issues were woven into the story with care and didn't distract from the light heartiness of the book, but it was nice to see that they weren't ignored since Kitty and Jeff have such different backgrounds. I think that my favorite thing about this book, well really the entire series is that there is an actual romance occurring in the book-none of this fight until the last 50 pages of the book then realize that they are perfect for each other crap that you find so often in romances. Even though Kitty and Jeff don't have the love-hate thing going on, there is enough drama happening that their romance doesn't get old.

This is one of my favorite new series of the year, and Gini Koch has become an auto buy author for me. I can't wait for Alien in the Family to come out in April! Martini has catapulted to the top of my book boyfriend list and Kitty is one of my favorite heroines. She just doesn't take any crap from those boys!