Enslaved - Sydney Somers Enslaved is a fast paced futuristic erotic romance. Every now and then I love reading outside my little box of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romances. There were some really sizzling steamy scenes between Lorcan and Kaela in a dressing room, on a table and up against a wall. This book is not for the faint of heart and deals with some issues like sex slavery and restraints that might be uncomfortable to read about.

I thought that Sydney Somers handled the whole issue of slavery well, because Kaela wasn't really meant to be a slave-she was supposed to be going undercover on an assignment, and she gives Lorcan a run for his money in the battle of wills. She just wouldn't give in to Lorcans demands, but Lorcan wouldn't give up. He kept trying to make her squirm and feel uncomfortable as payback for arresting him but everything he tried backfired, and he gradually realizes that he admires Kaela for her independence and refusal to back down.

Kaela is used to everything being in black and white, and when she realizes that she may have been wrong for arresting Lorcan it startles her and she starts looking at him in a different light and thinks she might have some feelings for him. Just when Kaela is starting to see him differently she learns that Lorcan has brought her on the ship where the gala is being held that she was supposed to be at for her undercover assignment. Kaela decides to continue her undercover assignment even though she's in a different role then originally assigned to. Lorcan however, is at the gala to take back an artifact that was stolen from him. He does everything possible to keep Kaela out of the way.

I read Enslaved in one sitting, and while I loved the tension between Kaela and Lorcan, and enjoyed the steamy love scenes, I had a hard time being convinced of the romance between Kaela and Lorcan and I'm not sure why, because all the elements were there for the chemistry to work, but
Kaela and Lorcan's personalities were hard to like at times. I think Lorcan fell for Kaela to quick, and that she fought her feelings for too long. Kaela was really tough, and that made her hard to warm up to, but by the end of the book I understood where she was coming from and liked her better, I just wish it had come sooner so I could like her before the last chapter. I also wish that instead of fighting each other so much, that Kaela and Lorcan would have joined forces earlier to fight against their common enemy instead hiding their true goals from each other.

Enslaved was very different from the Gargoyle Series that I just love to pieces. While I didn't enjoy this novella as much as the Pendragon brothers series, I can't wait to try the other genres that Sydney Somers writes because she writes such great steamy love scenes.