The Mage in Black - Jaye Wells I really enjoyed this second book in the Sabina Kane series. It picks up right where book one ends. Sabina goes to New York City to meet her Mage family. Sabina is hoping to escape trouble, but it just finds her. First there is the goons that her grandmother has sent after her, then she accidentally offends the werewolf community and in doing so runs into an old flame-Slade. He's a link to the past that Sabina thought was over, and is thrown for a loop by his reappearance and her attraction to him, which she fights because she already likes a really good guy-Adam, the mage who helped her find this side of her family. Slade or The Shade as he's known on the street (He's a bit like Tony Soprano) helps Sabrina out with her problems with the were..and somehow Gighul, Sabina's Demon ends up in a Fight Club run by Slade.

The Fight Club scenes were a lot of fun, but I have to admit I got a bit bored with it after awhile and realized why: There was no Adam. He was off on a mission for the mages, and left Sabina alone to make some stupid decisions regarding Slade. Which brings me to a first: Brace yourself for this, I'm still in shock over it. I still like the good guy love interest better then the troubled tough guy one. I know, I'm surprised as well. While Slade has all the qualities I normally go for in a book boyfriend-a bit jerkish, controlling, and a sensitive side Adam still won me over. The Mage in Black was fun, but I think this was what I call the set up book so the series can go on, and there was so much introduced that it just had a slightly different feel then the first book did.