Falling, Freestyle - Vivian Arend Falling Freestyle is guaranteed to make you want to go skiing for a long weekend after reading it! Despite the somewhat unappealing cover, this is a cute, fun read-perfect for a cold winters night.

Dara, Jack and Kane have been best friends forever. When Dara overhears the two of them talking about making a move on her before it's too late, she knows she has to take action. She's always been attracted to both of them, and doesn't want to lose either of them. Dara knows just what to do-on their annual ski weekend trip she'll make a move on them...both of them. She knows that she can't choose just one of them-the problem is to convince them that the three of them can have a relationship together.

Falling Freestyle is the first non paranormal erotic story that I've read by Vivian Arend. It was just as good as her paranormal erotic romances are. The characters are all lovable and I felt like I had known them forever after reading it. Dara is such a strong heroine. She knows what she wants and while she's a bit worried about going after it, she won't let fear stop her from making her move. Jack and Kane each have their own issues to deal with, and having them work them out made me love them that much more. One of the reasons I read so few contemporary romances is that the heroines all tend to have tragic pasts, but such isn't the case with Dara. It was just nice to have a story feature an older heroine without issues. While most of the story took place in the bedroom, it just, well worked. There so many steamy scenes that I was sad when the story ended so soon. Fans of Lauren Danes Brown Siblings have to give this novella a try!