Not Quite Paradise - Jan Zimlich When I wouldn't shut up about Touched By An Alien & Alien Tango by Gini Koch, Tasha from Truth, Beauty, Freedom & Books told me I should give this book a try. Well, it's as cheesy as the description makes it sound. It's 90s old school romance at it's best. :) I read this back in October, and I remember thinking: "I can't believe I'm reading this book!" It's one of those guilty pleasure books that one saves to read on a rainy day or when you're really sick.

What I remember most about are the side characters. Laura's little boy, Brian is adorable..and Aayshen's co pilot on the shuttle he was flying that crashed into earth, was hilarious. However, what still stands out in my mind happens at the end of the book. The locals find out that Aayshen is an alien, and people come from all over to look at the space craft that has come for him, and when the FBI is closing in on Aashen and Laura they the crowd starts chanting: "UFO boy, UFO boy" or something to that affect. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a climax in a book.

While this book will never be a classic, it's one to keep on hand for a nice comfort read-despite all of it's cheesiness, (or maybe because of it.) I really enjoyed this book.