Moonlight Temptation - Stephanie Julian No one does hot better then Stephanie Julian! I really enjoyed this fourth installment of the Lucani Lovers.While I read book 1 in this series, Kiss of Moonlight I did not read books 2 and 3. While reading the others would have helped a little, this can definitely be read as a stand alone book. Past relationships and story lines are explained really well without interfering with the one being told in Moonlight Temptation.

Evie Simmons has gone through a lot in her 23 years. She's overcome drug addiction, discovered that witches existed and that she was one of them and had powers of her own. She also found out that werewolves were real, and was kidnapped by a scientist who ran tests without her permission on her blood to try to save her dying son, Alex. I enjoyed watching Evie struggle from being shy and unsure of herself, her powers and her feelings for Ryan and Dane into someone who was strong and believed in herself.

The menage scenes were super hot, but what I enjoyed most were watching the struggles that Evie, Ryan and Dane went through to make the relationship work. The three have a completely different dynamic around each other. Dane is quiet around Evie, and Ryan immediately gets that it's because he likes her. Evie is immediately comfortable around Ryan, but still shy around Dane. At first I had a hard time figuring out why Evie was so much more comfortable around Ryan then Dane, but realized that it was probably because he hadn't seen her powers go all out of whack like Dane had. Ryan wasn't afraid to tell Dane that he was being an idiot around Evie, and loved seeing how honest their friendship was.

What I also liked is while past characters made appearances in the novella, they didn't take over the entire story as what happens in so many series. There appearance was just enough to cover what happened in past books and why the story line was where it was at. I am really looking forward to Cat and Ty's story, and I can't help but wonder if the King will get his own story as well.

I've discovered that with novellas, I'm always left wanting more of character relationships. For instance, I'd like to know why Dane went from avoiding Evie to finally helping her out, but novellas are short and I've come to expect that not everything will be answered, and I'm ok with that. :) I just can't wait to go back and read books two and three of this series and for the next one to come out.

Favorite Quote:
He didn’t overreact. Most people who knew him complained that he reacted like a robot most of the time. No emotions, no feelings. Steady as a rock. Dangerous. The woman was fucking dangerous to his sanity.He took a deep breath. Then another.