Unwrapped - Cari Quinn
Caitlyn Sachs has a great life. A family she loves, check. An incredible design job working with her best friends, Tristan and Matt, check. An amazing home she shares with the guys, double check. But her upcoming twenty-fifth birthday and the desire to shed the burden of her virginity have spurred her to consider something shocking. All she wants is one uncomplicated night with one of her best friends, no strings attached. But how can she choose?Except there’s another problem. Tristan and Matt are already involved sexually with each other, much to Cait’s shock. And both men have long harbored feelings for Cait that go way beyond friendship. When they whisk her away for her birthday to a cabin in the mountains, she discovers the extent of their lust—and her own. The gift they give her is one she'll never forget.But when the weekend's over, will she retreat to the safety of the status quo, if they'll even let her? Or will she finally embrace what she's secretly craved for so long?

One thing I admire about Cari Quinn is that she isn't afraid to take chances with her books. This one is different then most eroticas I've read. One of things I admired about was how realistic the story line was. While there was lots of hot sex and a little bit for everyone's taste, what I liked most was how Caitlin, Matt and Tristan had a hard time dealing with the fact that they wanted a relationship with each other.

The three knew that they wanted to have something together, but were afraid of what their families and friends would think. This is what made the book for me. I liked watching the three of them come to terms with how to deal with the best way to let those in their life know that they were together and not hide the fact that they were in a relationship together.

The only thing that gave me trouble with this book was Caitlin. I loved Matt and Tristan, then men in the book, but I never really connected with Caitlin. I think the problem I had with her was that she kept changing her mind on what she wanted. In the beginning of the book she really wanted to lose her virginity with both Matt and Tristan, but once they wanted more she got scared and changed her mind for a bit. I had a hard time feeling sorry for her angst like I should have. Once she made her decision to be in the relationship I liked her a bit more, but when she gave the other two a hard time about being undecided it annoyed me. However, Matt and Tristan more then made up for Caitlin and are what kept me reading. I liked how honest they were with each other and Caitlin. They made me laugh with their nicknames for Caitlin-Caity Bait was my favorite.

Unwrapped is a quick read and if you are looking for something outside the box then I really recommend this one.

Favorite Quotes:

"You haven't thought this all out. You couldn't have. It's not as simple as "hey, we're in love!" why the hell not?

"Want romance? Or sex?" She gave him a challenging smile. "Can't you multitask?