Perigee Moon - Tara A. Fuller
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When I saw that Perigee Moon was about witches I knew I had to read it. I am so grateful to the author (who I follow on twitter and is a lot of fun) for giving me a copy of it to read for review. It was a lot of fun to read. This book has a little of everything: mystery, romance, a spunky heroine, and most importantly: a swoon worthy boy.

Rowan is not a perfect heroine and I adored that about her. She has had a trouble past, and unlike in a lot of books, it wasn't forgotten and swept under the rug. It's something that she deals with every day, and I love how her grandparents and best friend Bevin are always checking up on her to make sure everything is ok. The friendship that Rowan and Bevin have is one of the best things about this book. Even after Rowan moves, the two keep in touch. I really liked how Rowan knew there would be heck to pay if she didn't get back to Bevin to let her know things were still alright with her. The friends she makes in Ipswich, Paige and Tyler were equally as great as Bevin. They pester her and make her do stuff with them to show that they care about her just as friends do in real life.

The romance in Perigee Moon between Alex and Rowan was really sweet. At first I thought it was a bit crazy that Rowan could just fall for him with one look. When Rowan made a comment along those lines I knew it was going to be fun seeing how Rowan and Alex finally got together. While I figured out the mystery behind Alex pretty early on, I enjoyed watching Rowan work things out to get it. One thing that impressed me was that all the questions I had about Alex during the first half of the book were answered by the end of it.

Perigee Moon wasn't what I expected and I loved how different it was from other paranormal young adult books that I've read. I was really hoping that there would be a sequel to this book, but sadly there is not.):

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