Moon Called - Patricia Briggs Originally posted at: A Buckeye Girl Reads

Moon Called is one of the best shape shifter Urban Fantasy books out there. It has a little of everything: awesome world building, mystery, action and the possibility of romance. This is one book where the blurb really doesn't do the story being told justice. This isn't how I do a normal review, but because this book has been out forever and I'm one of the last people to read it, hereI decided to do a different format then usual.

Things I loved about the book:
Mercy~She is everything an Urban Fantasy should be:

Kick Butt (she's not afraid to spill a little blood)
Not afraid to tell an alpha or two off
Independent, but not afraid have others help her when needed
In the middle of a great triangle

Adam~He is everything an Alpha should be:

Swoon worthy
Needs saving by Mercy a lot
Has a little bit of an ego

World Building~I loved the world created because:

It was woven into the story being told instead of being the story
The politics of the paranormal world were not dumped on the reader all at once
Created evil villains and wonderful alphas.
Made me wonder what would happen next.

Secondary Characters:

I loved how each was important to the mystery at hand.
Stefan was wonderful as the mysterious vampire
Loved Adams daughter being included in the story and not just as a means to get Mercy/Adam together
Sam. So many great things to say about him...I have a feeling his story is just getting started.