Wishful Thinking - Gabi Stevens Originally posted on A Buckeye Girl Reads

The Time of Transition series by Gabi Stevens is just magical. The heroines are smart, sassy, headstrong and likable. The heroes are swoon-worthy, make me sigh and are actually *gasp* nice guys. This series is about three women who grow up thinking that they aren't magical, then when they turn 27 discover that they are fairy godmothers. However, a plan is underfoot that must be stopped. In the first two books we meet Kristen and Regina, who defy the magical council to stop the plan that turn the magical world upside down.

Stormy has two dads who are both magical, and while she hasn't grown up in the magic world because she doesn't have any powers, she has heard enough snippets to know the Fairy Godmothers are on the run. Stormy knew the old Fairy Godmothers, and finds it hard to believe they and the new Fairy Godmothers are the criminals that the council makes them out to be. Stormy is a weaver by trade, and is hard at work on her newest creation when she gets a surprise visit from the Old Godmothers telling her she is the last of the new Fairy Godmothers. (it sounds confusing, but isn't, I promise!!) Before she can blink, they are gone and the council guards have arrived to arrest the Godmothers. They don't get there in enough time to arrest them, but Stormy is placed under the watchful eye of two guards who work for the council: Hunter and Tank.

Hunter believes everything the magical council has told him about the Godmothers-that they are the bad guys. He sets out to protect Stormy at all costs. Hunter was so stubborn that I wanted to strangle him at times!! However, what I loved about him was that he was always there for Stormy when she needed him to be there. I loved watching him struggle for his feelings about Stormy and everything that he's been told.Stormy was great because she didn't take crap for anyone. She managed to protect those she cared about while following her instincts. I loved it when she would get mad at Hunter for not seeing the obvious. I loved how she took charge of everything. The villain in this story is one from previous books, and he just makes my skin crawl. He's always trying to nab one of the new Fairy Godmothers as his own and I love watching him come crashing down when his plans fall.

I loved how we got to see some beloved characters from the past books, but at times I felt like the overall story line took away just a tad of the romance between Hunter and Stormy. I realize why it took them awhile to realize they were meant to be together, but I so wanted to shake Hunter and tell him to hurry up and come to his senses!!

This series is all about friendship, family, discovering who you are, good vs evil and sweet romance. This is one paranormal series that is going on my keeper shelf.

*book provided by the author*