Embrace - Jessica Shirvington Embrace was one of those Young Adult books that looked promising. It got a lot of hype, so when I was offered a chance to be apart of the blog tour in March I accepted. I really wanted to like the book, so when I started it the first time and couldn't finish it, I put it aside and went back to it later. What I discovered was the things that annoyed me the first time around, annoyed me even more the second.

This book just wasn't for me. It had every cliche you could think of in a Young Adult book. A heroine whose parents aren't around, who can't live without coffee and is rude to every adult authority who is trying to help her out. Then came the "oh you lied to me about who you were and now I can't trust you, so I'll hook up with the bad guy" part of the love triangle. That wasn't so bad, because I found myself cheering for the good guy, Linc for a change.

The one thing I couldn't get past, and maybe it's just my age was the fact that the guys involved in the love triangle were so much older then Violet. Linc was 22 and Phoenix, the other half of the love triangle was even older. When Violet makes a certain decision with Phoenix, that was it for me. I just couldn't get past the age difference. I thought it was icky that they were both in love with a minor.I also didn't like that she had sex with Phoenix. I thought the conditions were all wrong, and didn't understand why it had to be in the book at all. I might have been able to get past those things of Violet were likable or I could relate to her in some way, but I just couldn't. I think this is one series I am just going to have to pass on.