Songbirds - K.J. Reed
Songbirds was an emotional read, and I wasn't expecting that. I had a hard time getting into Songbirds, but once the three main characters-Cross, Ava and Knight meet I was hooked. Cross is stubborn and used to getting want he wants. No is unacceptable for an answer. When he is attracted to his new talent, Ava and Knight he is shocked. He doesn't expect to be attracted to both a guy and a women and fights the attraction. Ava is pretty sure that Cross is attracted to both her and her best friend Knight, but isn't sure about it. Knight swings both ways, and he to isn't sure about Cross' feelings, but knows he doesn't want Ava to get hurt.

This is told from all of their points of view, and I liked seeing how they all struggled with their attraction to each other. Each had a different way of handling it. Cross avoided it, Knight attacked it and Ava pushed until she knew how everyone felt. The character I loved the best was Cross. He really struggles with his feelings, and I loved the emotional war within him. Knight and Ava were both great, and I loved how sure of their friendship and relationship they were. Cross brings a new dynamic and the two worked together to figure it out and it was fun to watch.

There are some really hot scenes between all of them together and separate. Seeing Cross fall hard was fun to watch, and I loved watching Knight and Ava rally around him when he needed them the most. This book has a little bit of everything-m/m, m/f/m and m/f and made for one steamy read. I can't wait to read more by KJ Reed.

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