Love, Technically - Lynne Silver This is more of a 3.5-3.9 star. :)

Love technically was a cute novella. I loved Sark. He was adorable and the whole reason I kept reading. He was alpha without being alpha at all if that makes sense. I loved how vulnerable he was. He has all this money, yet at the same time can't trust anyone because of the money. He's young, and isn't sure who to trust. He likes Michelle because she's so innocent and has no idea that he's the CEO of the company because he didn't give her his real name-Noah Frellish, he gave his nickname that all of his friends use.

While I loved Noah/Sark, Michelle drove me nutso. She was young and innocent, naive and while all of that is fine it made me want to slap some sense into her. Michelle does really grow as a character, but by the time she grew I had kinda stopped caring about her. Despite my non connection with Michelle, I still ended up really enjoying the book which tells you how strong the writing was and how awesome Sark was. There is just something about those geeky boys that I love!