Alpha - Molly Maddox Janey Hyde is fighting to keep her people alive in a Manhattan ravaged by zombies. Seamus, the leader of a werewolf pack also on the island is doing the same. Will an alliance between them be the salvation of their tribes? Or is the intense attraction they feel for each other going to be their downfall? Exploring love, lust, war, and politics, ALPHA is the debut novel from writer Molly Maddox. Seamus's pack isn't ready to accept a human in their midst, and attracted to him as she is, Janey isn't sure she's ready to submit to an alpha male when it could undermine her authority with her own people. But there is more at stake than her pride and his principles, and only by working together will they find a future.

Alpha was only 75 pages long, and I thought for such a short novella there was a lot packed in it. I was really able to get into the story, and loved all the action scenes. I thought Janey was a great heroine, and while I liked Seamus, I just felt like there was something missing from the romance the two had, and I can't quite put my finger on what it was. That didn't take away from the story at all though, and I thought the world building was great. I've never been much of a zombie fan, but I must say I found myself really getting into the storyline, and I just wanted more. The sex scenes were hot-just a bit too blunt for me, and I'm not sure why because normally I don't mind the graphic stuff-I'm blaming in on the fact that I was sick while I read it, so my senses were off a bit. For a debut author, I thought the story flowed very nicely and I can't wait to read more by Molly Maddox.